How to Care for Your Fresh Flower Wrap

Few things make someone happier than fresh flowers! Whether you’re surprising a loved one with fragrant seasonal peonies, cheering up a coworker with bold gerbera daisies or just picking up a colorful mixed bouquet for yourself- you want them to last as long as they can!

Here are a few tips to make sure you’re getting the most out of your fresh flower wrap:

  1. Make sure you’re able to get your flower wrap home within 30 minutes to ensure they last! Don’t forget to keep your vehicle cool and the flowers in a shaded spot while in route.

  2. Fill a vase with lukewarm water and flower food- fill it to the top to ensure all the stems are able to get a big sip!
  3. Clean up the stems and remove any leaves so the vase water will be clean and clear!
  4. Give each stem a sharp diagonal cut with a knife- scissors will crush the stems and prevent your flowers from being the brightest and happiest they can be!
  5. Once you’re happy with your freshly arranged flowers, put them in your favorite shaded spot to enjoy over the following weeks!

*To ensure you get the most out of your fresh flowers, keep them out of direct sunlight and make sure to fill the vase with water every day. After 4-5 days, dump the dirty water and replace with fresh water and flower food.*

We hope thistle come in handy next time you pick up flowers from us!  We look forward to seeing you at Diz’s Daisies!!